The New Ford Puma has  been named Autocar magazine’s ‘Game Changer’ Car for 2020. The Game Changer category highlights those cars responsible for bringing new, higher standards to a hard-fought class or defying conventions to bring unexpected benefit for buyers. 

Autocar declared the New Puma an “awesomely complete product in one of the most competitive classes.”

Launched last year, the New Puma combines mild-hybrid fuel efficiency, best-in-class luggage space and advanced driver assistance technologies in a stylish crossover.

Autocar editor, Mark Tisshaw, said: “Ford has achieved something remarkable with the new Puma, which is to bestow upon the previously lacklustre compact-crossover class a member that possesses character in both the way it looks and the way it drives. The latter is especially impressive, Ford once again democratising enjoyment behind the wheel by ensuring even low-powered and sparsely equipped models are fun on the right road. That ride quality doesn’t seem to have been in any way impinged by the car’s pursuit of handling prowess also hints at the detail-engineering Ford is known for among big-volume manufacturers.”

On receiving the award, Lisa Brankin, Passenger Vehicle Director, Ford of Britain, said” It’s a great achievement for Puma to be recognised as a ‘game changer’ in such a hotly contested segment. Puma has been very well received since launch, and such high praise from industry experts like Autocar gives us great confidence we can build on this early success, adding new seven-speed automatic transmission and the performance Puma ST to the line-up this year.”

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