You new car comes with peace of mind
When you take delivery of your new Ford, you receive a comprehensive warranty to ensure you enjoy confident motoring.

Our warranty protects your car for up to three years from the moment of delivery.

To begin with, your Ford warranty covers you for one year with unlimited mileage. From then on, Ford Protect will safeguard you for another two years or a total of up to 60,000 miles, whichever passes first. (Remember, the 60,000 mile limit includes the mileage you covered in your first year of ownership.) 

So if any part of your car requires repair or replacement during this period, as a result of a manufacturing defect, the work will be done free of charge by a Ford Authorised Repairer.

There are also separate warranties to cover paintwork, corrosion, repaired or replaced parts and premature wear and tear.

The cover continues even if you sell your Ford, too.

In addition, you receive a year’s free Ford Assistance, which gives you access to round-the-clock help at home as well as roadside repair, recovery and rescue throughout Europe, 24/7.

What’s covered

Base Warranty
This covers the repair or replacement of any parts found to be defective due to manufacturing errors for one year – and then another two years with Ford Protect. Repairs will be carried out at Ford Authorised Dealers.

Parts Warranty
Ford Authorised Dealers only use original Ford replacement parts for warranty repairs. These parts meet our stringent quality and safety standards, which means the performance and the resale value of your Ford are less likely to be affected.

Paint Warranty
We also cover the paintwork on your Ford against corrosion and defective work. If a problem is found, we’ll repair it free of charge.

Corrosion Protection Warranty
Your Ford bodywork is covered against perforation by rust, from the inside or underside, for 6 to 12 years, depending you vehicle. However, surface rusting caused by scratches or stone chips, isn’t covered.

Wear and tear
Items that are subject to wear and tear are generally divided into two categories, namely those specified for replacement or adjustment during scheduled maintenance and those that require replacement or adjustment dependent upon conditions of use.
Scheduled maintenance items
The parts listed below have a limited service life and are either replaced or adjusted during scheduled maintenance operations. These parts are covered by the Ford Base Warranty up to the first point at which replacement or adjustment becomes due. The
period of warranty cover for any item may not exceed the time and distance limitations of the Ford Base Warranty.

  • Drive belts
  • Spark plugs
  • Oil filter, air filter, pollen filter, diesel particulate filter and fuel filters.

Wear and tear items
The items listed below have either a limited service life or are subject to damage. However, these items are covered by the Ford Base Warranty for up to one year or the vehicle's first scheduled service, whichever occurs first:

  • Wiper blades
  • Light bulbs. (Xenon headlamp bulbs and fascia / instrumentation illumination are covered for the full duration of the Ford Base Warranty)
  • Remote control handset batteries
  • Adjustments, including but not limited to: headlamp and hinged panel adjustments, suspension tightening, steering geometry adjustments and handbrake cable adjustments are covered up to 1 month or 1,000 miles / 1,500 kilometres, whichever comes sooner, from the date of first registration.

Note: Brake pads, brake shoes, brake discs, clutch and any other friction related components are not covered when replacement is due to wear and tear, but they are covered against manufacturing defects for the duration of the Ford Base Warranty.

Note: Glass is covered by the Ford Base Warranty for up to 1000 miles / 1500 kilometres. Glass replacement due to heating element failure is covered throughout the Ford Base Warranty period.
Consumable fluids
Replacement or 'top-up' of consumable fluids, e.g. oils, coolant, brake fluid, windscreen wash solution and refrigerant, is covered only when they are used as part of a warranty repair.

While our warranties are comprehensive, there are some things we don’t cover.

Ford is not responsible for any repair or replacement that is required as a direct result

  • Damage caused by neglect, flooding, accident, rallying, racing or any other improper use
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Failure to properly maintain the vehicle in accordance with Ford maintenance schedules and service instructions
  • Failure to properly maintain paint and bodywork by regular cleaning in accordance with Ford instructions
  • Unauthorised modifications of the vehicle or its components
  • Refilling or topping up with incorrect specification fuel (see 'Owner's Guide')
  • CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) and LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) conversions that are not approved by Ford
  • Use of bio-diesel or bio-ethanol alternative fuels in concentrations that exceed 5% (Excludes: Ford flexible fuel vehicles (FFV))
  • Use of supplemental additives and flushing agents for fuel or engine oil (unless specified as part of a Ford service requirement)
  • Failure to rectify on a timely basis any paint or corrosion damage identified during the Body and Paint Check
  • Factors beyond Ford control, such as: airborne contamination, storm damage, stone chips, scratches and the use of unsuitable cleaning agents
  • Repairs using methods that have not been approved by Ford
  • Failure to use genuine Ford branded parts and fluids or, parts and fluids that match the quality of genuine Ford branded parts and fluids.

Repairs covered by Ford Warranties can be performed by only Ford Authorised Dealers except in case of emergency, for example, re-mobilising the vehicle if a Ford Authorised Dealer cannot assist.

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