FordPass - Your Key to a More Connected world

Unlock Your Car's Full Potential with FordPass

Enjoy effortless connectivity, hassle-free ownership and seamless travel with FordPass.

FordPass is an app designed for owners of Ford passenger vehicles, allowing you to interact with your vehicle using a suite of in-app features. 

FordPass Connect is the embedded modem that enables connection and data transfer to and from your vehicle, and allows for the activation and use of connected vehicle features, helping you enjoy easier journeys.

Discover a range of features on your smartphone, and in your vehicle, that work together to keep you effortlessly connected on every journey.

Key Features include:

  • Local hazard information
  • Up-to-date traffic information
  • Added peace of mind
  • Effortless connectivity

Connect to a Range of Remote Features with the FordPass App:

FordPass Connect becomes even more powerful when it’s paired with your smartphone via the FordPass app. Once connected, you can take advantage of a host of innovative new features. 

  • Fuel Report
  • My Journeys
  • PHEV Functionality with the All-New Kuga
  • Start Your Engine from Anywhere
  • Remote Locking and Unlocking
  • Never Forget Where You Parked Again
  • Remote Vehicle Monitoring

Find out more about FordPass with these short videos:

How to Activate your FordPass Connect Modem           How to Make Your Car a WIFI Hotspot


How to Use Live Traffic                                                      How to Use Remote Features


Click here to download the FordPass App:


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