Ensure your car’s air conditioning is working to its optimum efficiency with one of our air conditioning packages!


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Air Conditioning System Cleanse £29.99*

Over time the build-up of moisture in the evaporator chamber on Air Conditioning systems can lead to bacterial growth in the chamber which can cause stale or unpleasant odours coming through the cars air vents.

Our Air Conditioning System Cleanse includes:

● Remove unpleasant odours and bacterial growth from the system

● Check the operation of the evaporator drain

● Check the condition of the pump drive belt

● Check the condition of the pollen filter

● Check the operation of the fan motor

● Check the operation of the control panel


Air Conditioning System Service with R134A Refrigerant from £95.99*^

Air Conditioning System Service with R1234YF Refrigerant from £198.99*^


Our Air Conditioning System Service includes:

● All checks included in the System Cleanse, plus

● Remove the old refrigerant gas from the system and renew it

● Ensure the correct level of oil is in the system

● Check the system for refrigerant leaks

● Check the operation of the cooling fan

● Check the operational temperature of the system


Diagnostic check of Non-Functioning Air Conditioning System from £49.99~


Our Diagnostic Check includes:

       ● Check the system and provide a cost to repair 

       ● If no gas is present we will fill the system with nitrogen to check for and pin point 
any leaks. (it is illegal to fill a system thought to be leaking with refrigerant gas) 

       ● ~If refrigerant is not to the required level, we will top it up for an additional cost (an additional £46 for R134A, £140 for R1234YF)


Please contact us using the Enquiry Form below or call our Service Department on 01454 338 998.


Terms and Conditions  

*Air Conditioning must be functioning correctly for the Cleanse and Service operations. ^If you’re unsure which refrigerant your vehicle requires, contact our Service Department on 01454 837 464 who will be happy to assist you.


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